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Use the form below to generate listings of institutions that have registered a financial planning curriculum that satisfies CFP Board's education coursework requirement.

CFP Board does not endorse one program over another. All programs cover the same core curriculum, yet vary in style, length and delivery method. They may be certificate programs, under-graduate programs, or graduate programs. Programs can also differ in their delivery methods with some having traditional classroom-based instruction and others offering self-study or on-line courses. All institutions are accredited by their region's accrediting body. Because the educational offerings are so varied, consider asking the program director the following questions when evaluating a program:

  • What educational level is your curriculum (junior/senior baccalaureate, master's or doctorate level)?
  • How long does it take to complete your curriculum?
  • How much does your program cost? Does that amount include books, tests and other fees?
  • Are you anticipating making changes to your program?
  • How do you schedule your courses? How often are courses offered?
  • Is your distance education program offered online or is it paper-based?
  • What are the credentials of your faculty?
  • Does your program have internships or job placement services?
  • Overall, how will your program prepare me to be a financial planner?

Note: Some Registered Programs offer special arrangements for businesses that want a custom delivery for their employees.

The new Center's focus includes workforce development, diversity, and the profession's body of knowledge.

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